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Full set of glass enamel powders used in glass fusing with a kiln

Glass enamel sample set - full

All twenty one of our glass enamel powder colours, including both opaques and transparents.
20g of each:
White GE01O
Black GE02O
Light Grey GE03O
Dark Grey GE04O
Light Pink GE05O
Dark Pink GE06O
Purple GE07T
Red GE08O
Light Orange GE09O
Dark Orange GE10O
Mustard GE11O
Yellow GE12T
Mid Brown GE13O
Gold Brown GE14T
Grass Green GE15O
Leaf Green GE16O
Light Green GE17T
Teal GE18O
Royal Blue GE19T

Petrol Blue GE20T

Aqua GE21T


Image shows the enamels when fired between float glass (at 735 degrees Centrigrade).

Save approximately 10% on the individual prices.

This set contains products that are classed as hazardous.  Please see materials safety data sheets (downloadable from the individual product pages).

Product Ref GESSF 


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